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Top Wedding Trends for 2023

Updated: Jan 21

We've just begun 2023 and it's time to start considering wedding trends for this year! Here is a list of the top wedding trends we'll see for the new year.

1. Rustic Wedding Venues

Outdoor wedding venues prevailed after the pandemic and continue to especially in warm climates and spring/summer weddings. Now, we're seeing an increased demand for the rustic wedding venue whether it's a barn, ranch, or rural outdoor setting.

2. Sustainable Party Favors

More and more couples are requesting eco-friendly wedding goodies for their guests rather than the typical disposable noise makers. Examples include miniature instruments or small plants to take home as a momento of the special day.

3. Pre-Cut Edible Drink Toppers

There's a new way to jazz up a signature cocktail with these pre-cut edible beverage toppers. Pic & Sip offers custom designs or photos as well as pre-made designs to choose from. The company also offers any size to fit perfectly in your drink. Instruct your bartender to add foam with chickpea water for it to float and place it by slightly bending the topper like a taco without creasing it.

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